Stevie TV: Call Your YOLOwyers, Because YOLO Never Says Die

Season Two of Stevie TV is off to a strong start, thanks to last week’s premiere drawing inspiration from Stevie Ryan’s obsession with Love And Hip Hop Atlanta and knack for impersonating the many members of Young Money. Last night’s episode was not short on pop cultural punchlines either, due to the never-ending cast of Bravo characters and the fact that “YOLO” will never (ever) die. It’s true; we checked with Drake on this one…

But if you thought that Drizzy was the only person who could make money off the guilt-free catchphrase, you’re wrong! YOLOwyers are a group of trust legal advisers who understand what it takes to get their clients out of any situation and off of any charges. Because life’s too short to worry about adultery, Grand Theft Auto, or small potatoes like ” straight up murder.” Yolanda Cunningham is a brilliant tribute to the many televised legal associates making their trusty services available to you (“for the cheap price of…”) and that lip liner is the best thing I’ve seen all week.

What was your favorite sketch from Episode Two of Stevie TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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