Hit The Floor Episode Three: Daddy Issues

“I didn’t leave and raise her on my own because I wanted to. I did that because I had to,” Sloane tells Pete in yet another one of their rushed and tense interactions. These two have to stop meeting this way! Or, they at least need to actually say something of value during their conversations. (Wonder what Dr. Jenn would say about their relationship?) Hit The Floor wasted no time in revealing that former Devils player (Pete) and former Devils dancer (Sloane) had enough of a “history” to make a baby.

To quote the lovable, yet slightly doomed, German: “Wowwwwwwwww.” Yes, and now that Ahsha knows, the powers that be can take their time piecing together what we hope will eventually be a functional, loving relationship between the three. But not before some juicy drama can unfold, of course.

While Sloane is now forced to deal with the fallout from her as yet to be explained “decision,” Ahsha’s pure, unadulterated shock forced her to miss her very first performance as a Devil Girl–and it was a good one, too: Opening Night and a routine scored to T.I.’s “Ball” (Keep it in the VH1 family!). She can hide from her mother at her boyfriend’s cozy abode, but the close quarters of Devils Arena make it hard to escape her biological father and his parental-lacking playbook. Their elevator run-in was horribly awkward, but we can’t blame him for that; Pete’s missed so much of Ahsha’s life, it’s difficult to know what to say while waiting for an elevator. Wanna know if the tooth fairy is real? What’s your favorite color? Are you cool on where babies come from or do we need to have “The Talk”? Despite the circumstances under which they’ve been brought together, there’s no reason for Ahsha to have hard feelings towards Pete. Confused feelings and lots (and lots) of questions, sure, but when it comes to paternity, he’s just as much in the dark as she is. Considering she’s currently avoiding her mom, maybe talking to Coach Davenport (no need to call him “daddy” just yet) isn’t such a bad idea?

But Devils Arena is not only a volatile place to work if you suddenly have a newfound family member. Devil Girl Director Olivia and Captain Jelena continue to disagree on what’s best for the squad, mostly because Jelena is only interested in things that benefit her and her sexy lingerie collection. Olivia has proven herself to be very professional thus far, with no intention of letting whatever kind of relationship she had with Sloane influence her ability to coach Asha. That being said, remaining unbiased gives her no choice but to let Ahsha go after she blew off a DG performance with zero explanation. Luckily Ahsha has a knack for putting her heart out there for all to see, and her succinct conversation, big eyes, and shaky voice tapped into the director’s soft spot. Olivia didn’t need to hear names to know that the big news came from Jelena, which means it’s time for a standoff…

Ah, yes, but who will win in the Battle of Serving Serious Power Brow? Will Olivia’s decision to keep Asha on the team be the last straw before Jelena goes 2007 Britney and tells everyone how she really feels? And once again, WHERE IS MIA?

While personal crises are erupting left and right, Kyle Hart is trying her best to create some stability in her life–or at least land a big enough divorce settlement five years down the line so that she’ll never have to dance (either kind) ever again. Unsure of how that works? Funny you should ask. Kyle has perfected a foolproof method of catching a big, tall fish, and is willing to share her wisdom with you…

Welcome to the Kyle Hart School of Closing

“Honey, if you only go after the tallest guy in the room you’ll end up talking all night to someone’s freak-show cousin from Ohio who paints houses for a living. Tall doesn’t mean they ball.”

So, how does one know what to look for, Ms. Kyle? Specifically: his clothes, shoes, and his watch. Are they…

1. Audemar or Diamond piaget?
2. Leather or Chinchilla?
3. Margiela or Gaultier?

And if you’re just trying to ball..

5. Stick with V-E-R-S-A-C-E. Can you say “cha-ching”?

Like last week, Kyle decides to flex her philanthropic muscles, this time by helping a recently signed player from overseas get acclimated to American culture. And because of this charitable act, rewarding herself with two fancy things seems only fair.

Weird Vibes Alert: Pete Davenport and Raquel
“How do you fight someone with a $1 million lawyer?” the newest employee of the Devil’s Playground asked desperately. Luckily, Coach Davenport has experience with divorce lawyers and sports agents, so offering help to Raquel doesn’t necessarily come out of left field and just may be from the goodness of his heart. Depends on what you think about the way he looks at her (just make sure she’s not your kid first, Coach!).

It’s Not Even Throwback Thursday..

Check out this vintage photo OG Olivia keeps in a special, secret place:

Tell us more! From the looks of things you definitely used to braid each other’s hair and have lengthy pillow talk sessions on the road.

Nice Seeing You Here, Old Friend
Yes, that would be none other than NBA veteran and Single Ladies star Rick Fox portraying Olivia’s husband, Chase Vincent. As former Devils player, he’s used to being in the limelight, and he’s stayed spotlight-adjacent thanks to his first lady’s occupation. Despite his tendency to wear suits and read the paper, retiring his Devil jersey means he’s in need of a job–something Devils owner Oscar might be able to help him out with. Olivia Vincent must stay in her Louboutins after all. But what do these two know about Mia, hmm?

Is Ahsha being too hard on her mom? Was it right for Olivia to let her back on the squad? What do Chase and Oscar know about Mysterious Mia that everyone else doesn’t? Let us know your thoughts on Episode Three in the comments below. 

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