Kirk Asks Rasheeda ‘Who’s The Daddy?’ [POLL]

Kirk is lucky Rasheeda didn’t slap the taste out of his mouth two episodes ago according to some tweeters. Tonight’s Maury Povich moment took the cake for insensitivity that was handled all too calmly by his understanding wife.

Kirk came into his wife’s photoshoot messing up the vibe with his ranting. Not only did he come to pick a fight about the shoot potentially being over budget, he reminds her for the 77th time that he doesn’t want her to have their child. Oh, it gets better. He’s made it clear the baby will be a burden, but he also has his doubts about whose the baby’s daddy. After Rasheeda asks, “I got myself knocked up?” he responds, “I don’t know. I really have doubts about it anyway.” Doubts that your wife of over a decade is pregnant with your baby? Kirk is really trying it.

Rasheeda thinks he’s questioning her fidelity because of a guilty conscious. “I might be a lot of thangs, but a cheating a– woman, a cheating a– wife ain’t one of ’em.” “At the end of the day,” Kirk says, “that right there will need a blood test.” Kirk doesn’t quit while he’s ahead. He reiterates to her that she can still have an abortion. Unbelievable. We commend Rasheeda for keeping her composure.

Does Kirk have a right to ask his wife for a blood test with no proof that she’s cheating? What say you? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and take our poll!

Does Kirk Have A Right To Ask Rasheeda For A Paternity Test?

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