Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Joseline Says She Wasn’t A Prostitute

Joseline is not amused. Stevie’s playing hard as he watches himself diss the very woman he claims to love like a fat kid loves chocolate cake.

“I don’t want to hear all that s—,” Stevie says as he watches Joseline break up with him. Stevie says she’s always trying to run something, but doesn’t know anything about the music business. As far as him calling Joseline a prostitute Joseline says, “I was never a prostitute. Did I have sex with guys ’cause they gave me 100, 200 thousand dollars? Yes, they was my boyfriends. So what’s wrong with that?” You would think they’d be a perfect match because they’re both all about the money.

Ariane and Mimi don’t agree about their little “straddling the fence” conversation, but they still love each other. At least Mimi could laugh about Ariane’s true feelings about her man. Hey, real friends tell you the truth about the person you’re dating. But only when you solicit their opinion.

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