Hit The Floor: Five Possible Explanations For Mysterious Mia

On Hit The Floor, the biggest mystery thus far is not how Derek Roman comes up with those cheesy pick-up lines or how Kyle has time to juggle her flock of wealthy admirers, but where the mysterious creature known as “Mia” could be, and why things get and dark and dramatic whenever someone mentions her name. (Is she Voldemort?!)

Throughout the first three episodes, we’ve seen Mia make digital contact with one of her former teammates (Jelena) and her former boss (Olivia), both of whom seem reluctant to speak about why she’s skipped town. According to our friendly resource The Locker Room, which is conveniently tracking Mia’s moves on social media, the former Devil Girl was excited to reconnect with her fellow dancers:

That is, until she fell silent after May 24, missing tryouts entirely. According to Devil Girl Insider:

M.I.A. True to her name, superstar Mia Sertner was missing in action from the DG tryouts today. The twitter happy dancer has also gone silent on the interwebs. The best dancers come from all over the world to be DGs. Some get life long careers in the dance industry. Some launch into acting and modeling. Some slip on giant rings and land baller husbands. Mia Sertner could have had it all. She was America’s Sweetheart her first year on the team. Where’d she go? Is she gone forever? Just a hunch but I bet if she comes back Director Olivia Vincent won’t shut the door in her face. That girl had the potential to be the next Jelena Howard.

We know that she somehow has access to cell service and Wifi, sent Jelena an envelope full of cash, and may or may not have a connection to Chase Vincent. (Show us that piece of paper already!) So where could she be? What could she have done? Some theories…

1. She stole money from the team account that’s reserved for financing a new Devils’ arena.
We’ve yet to really grasp how much the dancers make, and not everyone is fortunate enough to be dating a Devil. Phone bills are expensive these days! But would she really leave any remaining change in her uniform, Oscar?

2. She slept with Derek Roman, and he broke her heart.
Based on how we’ve seen him behave, would YOU really want to have to walk past that/see him salivating over fresh meat after he ignored your series of “Wanna watch a movie? [EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI]” texts? Didn’t think so. Running away might be a little much, but Los Angeles is a small town…

3. She stole Jelena’s spot at point in a Devil Girl routine.
At Olivia’s recommendation, but still: the Captain wasn’t happy. The money she sent her is just an attempt to make J spare her her firstborn child.

4. She tested positive for PED and needs to get out of town before the results makes it to press.
Alex Rodriguez never dopes alone, plus the thought that a Devil Girl isn’t naturally blessed with toned arms and a tight butt ruins the whole mystique, doesn’t it?

5. She is ALSO Pete Davenport’s daughter, and couldn’t bare to work with him on a daily basis.
Pete’s player days are hazy, so it could have happened…

Where do you think Mia is, and why is everyone keeping it such a secret? Find out on tonight’s all-new episode of Hit The Floor at 9/8 C.

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