Stevie TV Sneak Peek: Kim Richards Brings The Culinary Creations Of Bakersfield To A TV Near You

Like any good reality television subject, Kim Richards is unique snowflake just ripe with the potential for her own spinoff. Pop culture aficionado Stevie Ryan knows this (as does anyone who’s watched her confessional interviews), and is using her latest episode of Stevie TV as a platform to pitch the upcoming series tentatively titled, Richards Rules

If Lisa can get her own show filled with the beautiful, bed-hopping 20-somethings of Beverly Hills, why can’t Kim bring the culinary creations of Bakersfield into our homes every week? Of course, Stevie’s interpretation of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star would not be complete without that billowing collar bow, or the judgmental stares from younger sister, Kyle. Check out her take on a future reality series you could see sooner rather than later–we’re waiting on you, Andy Cohen–in the video above.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Stevie TV on Friday, June 14 at 10/9 C.

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