Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek: Ariane And Stevie Have A Chat

This week Stevie J tweeted, “Arian [sic] is a snake.” He had no qualms in telling us how he feels about Mimi’s BFF, but next week on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, he goes to Ariane to get back into the good graces of his ex.

Ariane will never be Team Stevie as someone who wants the best for her friend. Stevie knows this, but also knows Ariane has insight into what’s going on in Mimi’s life that no else has. “If she’s happy then I’m happy,” Stevie tries to convince Ariane. Ariane’s not convinced. “I know how you are your manipulating a–.” Stevie can’t believe Ariane doesn’t think he’s a good guy. Shocker.

“You hurt my friend,” she tells him. Stevie thinks because Mimi has moved on all should be forgiven. And Ariane, in her frustrations with Nikko, slips and tells Stevie she’s not really happy in her current relationship. “We moving on,” Stevie said as Ariane starts crying. “I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore,” he said. He wants Ariane on his side as he tries to slide back in Mimi’s life romantically.

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