Was Mimi Wrong For Accepting Stevie’s Gift At Her Man’s Event? [POLL]

Let’s start with the fact Mimi invited Stevie J to Nikko’s video screening party. Who knows what Mimi was thinking, but she’s lucky Nikko let that slide.

Not only did Stevie show up to Mimi’s new man’s event, he showed up casket sharp. And all too ready to be messy. Peep how Mimi barely introduced the two of them as she couldn’t keep her eyes off Stevie. “This is something real right here,” Stevie says in reference to his gift to Mimi. “This is not real,” he says pointing to her watch. What is real is the keys to the brand new BMW Stevie’s gifting Mimi. Her excitement is all too much for her to be in front of her man. Perhaps even out of line?

“You want to go check this car out?” Stevie asks. “I’d love to go check this car out,” she says. Wait. You mean to tell us that at your man’s event you walk outside with your ex man to check out the BMW he gives you as if this is normal? What part of the game is this? Mimi sees Nikko isn’t happy, but walks outside anyway to sit in the car and give Stevie a brief speech on the car being a gift with no strings attached. She accepts the gift with a hug before Stevie leaves and she waltz back in the building to her man. Nikko tries to toast to the car, but wants to know if Mimi has truly moved on. Mimi gets mad. Ha! Mimi is getting mad after she accepted a new car from her ex at his event.

Should Mimi have accepted the new car Stevie gave her? Was she wrong to invite Stevie to the event? Speak your peace in the comments and vote!

Was Mimi Wrong For Accepting The Car Stevie Gave Her?

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