From Flavor Flav And Liz To Catelynn and Tyler, Which Couples Therapy Duo Are You Rooting For Most?

On last night’s premiere of Couples Therapy Season Three, we were introduced to four couples with admitted relationship issues, looking to leave Dr. Jenn Berman’s therapeutic homestead stronger and better than ever. While many of these famous faces may have been familiar, the underlying drama they go through on a daily basis may not have been.

Who surprised you? Which couple made you laugh, and which one made you cringe? Who do you think has the best chance at a lifetime of happiness together, and who is in the greatest need of Dr. Jenn’s help? Allow us to break down their big moments from Episode One.


The youngest couple in the house seemed more interested in having a good time rather than arguing with each other during their first night in the house. They were all smiles when meeting Flav and Liz, even while having to withstand Flavor’s unsolicited opinions about a situation they already lived (and lived again on television). They seem to be supportive of each other and their other housemates, quickly coming to the aid of both Flav and Liz during the bowling alley breakdown. Plus, their Midwestern accents are totally adorable.


Chingy assures us that he and Temple don’t have a lot of problems, but is quick to point out her tendency for complaining. We didn’t see much of that on Night One, but how long can someone hold on to past grudges before their current relationship suffers as a result? Or, do the feelings that come with learning your man has fathered a child with another woman fall far beyond being considered a “grudge”?


Perhaps the most enthusiastic couple in the bunch (Joe is so EXCITED to have FUN while he’s here!), the duo brought a lot of physical baggage with them to the CT house. This could be good; at least in this for the duration of the show, or don’t care about paying for moving trucks. Clearly the dominant personality in their relationship, Joe immediately directed his younger girlfriend to clean up and make the bed they’ll be sharing, which suggests there isn’t always an equal amount of respect flowing between the two.


In addition to learning details about their past nine years together–Flav was contracted to appear on Flavor of Love 3 while he was dating Liz; the two were involved in a domestic violence incident earlier this year–the duo seemed a little, well, off in their first 24 hours in the house. Flav flat-out judged Catelynn and Tyler for choosing adoption for their child, and Liz inexplicably threw a temper tantrum on the way to the bowling alley. She told Abbey and Catelynn that her partner is “on another planet,” and her subsequent behavior suggested that the constant spotlight and attention Flav receives doesn’t always work her. To his credit, Flav tried multiple time to ensure his lady was happy, but sitting underneath a table proved she was not willing to accept any kinds of comfort.

You’ve read our take, as well as what Dr. Jenn Berman thought about each couple upon first meeting them at the house, and now it’s time to share your feelings.

Which Couple Are You Rooting For?

Tune in to an all-new episode of Couples Therapy on Wednesday at 10/9 C.

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