Superheroes Unite! Hit The Floor Star Dean Cain Has Advice For Man Of Steel Stud Henry Cavill

In honor of Man Of Steel, and our own Hit The Floor star’s sexy history in tights, we asked Dean Cain about the upcoming origin story of the world’s most famous superhero. “I think this movie is going to be phenomenal and I think it’s going to reinvent the character,” Dean tells VH1. “My only advice to Henry[Cavill] is–actually I have no advice for Henry, he’s made all the right moves.”

After playing the iconic role for four years on TV’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Dean has no qualms about being forever connected with the franchise–at this point, it’s almost like a fun club. “I loved playing that character, I don’t mind any association with that character, it’s fine with me,” he says. “My son is almost 13 years old and he is acutely aware of the fact that I played Superman.” Now if only he would dress the part come Halloween…

Check out more of Dean’s advice for Henry Cavill and the latest team to tackle the franchise in the clip above. And for more on one of the hardest parts about playing Superman (hint: it has to do with the crotch, natch) watch Henry (speak with an adorable, brilliant British accent) below.

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