The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Mimi Faust

We’ve watched Mimi go through the wringer over the past two seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and we’ve got to give her props. Not only has she persevered through some extremely tough times (on national television, no less) but she’s grown and learned from her experiences, coming out a stronger woman than before.

Whether she is turning Joseline calling her a “maid” into a positive by launching her own clothing line MADE (Make A Difference Everyday), taking Stevie J off of his pedestal, or being on the receiving end of Rolexes and BMWs, Mimi has begun a new chapter in life in which she is in charge of her destiny.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Miss Mimi. We are huge fans here at VH1 headquarters, so we tasked ourselves with finding out The Scoop on the ATL star. From her secret celebrity crush to her favorite drink, find out nine things you never knew about Mimi Faust!

Read on for some of our favorite Mimi moments…

Mimi flips out after Joseline disrespects her in Stevie’s house:

Mimi sees a psychic and is surprised how accurate her reading is (particularly concerning her boyfriend, Nikko):

Mimi tells Joseline she is getting a cut from her deal with Stevie:

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