Stevie TV Episode Three: Let’s Sing About Sex

This week’s episode of Stevie TV featured Stevie Ryan doing the important work of teaching the basics of human reproduction to some very ripe children. Abstinence only education isn’t problematic if you know about the loopholes, friends. Just pick the place you can’t grow a baby!

Stevie and her knee socks advise some horny teens on how to continue to honor the lord and their bodies, while also experiencing some pleasure. Drawing attention to another region and the technicalities associated is an interesting approach, and this sketch is further proof that if you want youths to listen to you, you better say it through song. Also, is anyone else get a Ranger Joe from Full House vibe from this colorful set? Great, now I’m lost in a world of alternate reality-Tanner household scenarios…

In Episode Three’s battle of reality stars, did you prefer Stevie’s take on Kim Richards’ culinary aspirations or the Kardashian rules that ultimately govern us all? Let us know your favorite moment from this week’s episode of Stevie TV in the comments below.

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