Couples Therapy Sneak Peek: Flavor Flav And Liz Discuss Trust Issues

After a fun night at the bowling alley proved to be a launching pad for future on-the-clock discussions, Wednesday’s second episode of Couples Therapy Season Three gets down to business with the first real therapy session. And since Flavor Flav and fiance Liz Trujillo proved they have no qualms about discussing personal issues in front of the group, why not start off with them?

Flav, clock necklace glistening in the camera light, explains that their problems as a couple began when Liz fully realized what her partner was required to do on his Flavor Of Love shows. Withholding the details on the project–such as the many women he would be “meeting”–until the very last minute sent Liz spiraling into a tunnel of confusion and self-doubt. “I was trying to protect our feelings and our relationship because I cared about her so much,” Flav says. Dr. Jenn feels Flav’s intentions are good, and that he really loves Liz, but notes he has a tendency to disregard her feelings all together. “You’re missing your opportunity as a man to be there for a woman who is hurt,” she explains. Should Flav be more supportive of Liz’s feelings? Is it possible to maintain a relationship with someone who is “looking for love” on a reality show?

Catch a new episode of Couples Therapy on Wednesday at 10/9 C.

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