Stevie J vs. Nikko: The Battle Of Mimi’s Men + More From The Week Of VH1

The complex relationship between Mimi and her baby daddy, Stevie J, took another twisted turn on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this week, as the men in her life spoiled her with lavish gifts in attempts to prove their manhood. Along with the battle for Ms. Faust’s attention, VH1’s prime-time lineup served up everything from hilarious “never-before-seen” Kardashian clips to the sweet story of an unconventional (and bi-coastal) love affair.

On Hit The Floor, Ahsha got to see a softer side of Derek while the first official Couples Therapy session encouraged Abbey Wilson to open up to Dr. Jenn Berman and the group about her darkest secret. From new cars to new friends, which show still has you buzzing? Check out our favorite moments from the past week!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J Buys Mimi A BMW

After Nikko gives Mimi a Rolex watch (which Stevie J claims to be a fake!), Stevie one-ups him by purchasing a beautiful, brand-new car for his baby mama. Now, we may not always like Stevie J, but we can’t help but root for him against Nikko (c’mon, Mimi was barely featured in his video!). To top it all off, when Nikko learns of Stevie J’s gift, he has the nerve to call Mimi “damaged,” violating Rule No. 1 in the What Not To Say To Your Girlfriend handbook. Tsk-tsk.

Stevie TV: DASH Employee Training Video

As much as we might hate to admit it, we LOVE everything Kardashian. From each and every spinoff series to what’s happening in their personal lives, the Kardashians are America’s guilty pleasure (not to mention comic relief). In Stevie Ryan’s latest sketch, Kim and Khloe review the simple tools needed to be a successful employee at one of their DASH boutiques. In need of a quick laugh? Remember: HTC = Help-The-Customer!

Hit The Floor: Derek And Ahsha Connect

When given the month of February for the Devil Girls’ annual calendar, Ahsha must find her inner goddess in order to blow the cameras away. After “stumbling” into Derek’s bedroom, the baller (surprisingly) offers up some words of wisdom that help her gain the necessary confidence to impress the photographer, Jelena, and the entire squad. It’s nice to see a softer side of the playboy–so, when are these two getting together?

I’m Married To A…: Scott Meets Jessica’s Friends

After meeting online and falling in love while living in two different cities, Jessica and Scott put their relationship to the test on camera. As a devout Christian virgin, Jessica easily accepted Scott (a transgender man) into her life. But would her friends do the same? Scott cooks up breakfast for the ladies, doing his best to successfully win them over with potatoes and fresh OJ (it works).

Couples Therapy: Abbey Opens Up

During the first group session with Dr. Jenn got Abbey to talk her struggle with an eating disorder, and how it’s impacted her relationship with boyfriend Joe Francis. What shocked us the most was Dr. Jenn questioning Joe about what role his controlling nature has played in the problem. For someone as intense and demanding as Joe, we cheered (a little bit) as Dr. Jenn put him in his place.

Model Employee: Double Elimination

This week’s challenge allowed the models to return to something familiar: modeling. In this challenge, contestants had to create, direct, film, and star in a commercial for Mandalay Bay. Tensions erupt in the deliberation room, as Shah throws Johanna under the bus. The ongoing battle between these two large personalities comes to a screeching halt when both are given the boot, cut out from the opportunity to win a $100,000 contract with the luxury brand.

Should Mimi still choose Nikko over Stevie? Who deserves to go all the way with Mandalay Bay? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know your favorite VH1 moment of the week by taking our poll.

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