Hit The Floor Dancer Diaries: Jersey Has Experience Watching Sweaty Men Play Ball

On Hit The Floor the talented females who make up the Los Angeles Devil Girls help to bring sexy routines to life week after week and add to the drama James LaRosa cooks up in his creative mind. Each performer has a different background, which helps to add to the group’s eclectic feel. With experience in the East Coast club scene, as well as professional sports, former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Michelle “Jersey” Maniscalco knows what it’s like to spend her days watching grown men push and shove each other.

This week’s installment of Dancer Diaries shows Jersey sharing tricks of the trade, as well as important career milestones that helped her land a gig on Hit The Floor. With a supporting role as one of Kyle Hart’s eager proteges–as far as man-hunting goes–do you think she takes the advice of Katherine Bailess in real life? Find out by watching the video above.

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