Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek: Mimi And Nikko Might Not Make It

The last time Nikko and Mimi saw each other there was the case of the baby daddy showing up with a BMW along with some “damaged” and “deranged” name calling. And now she’s heard Nikko may have been trying to holler at Karlie Redd.

Nikko says he wasn’t mad about the gifted car, but he thinks Stevie and Mimi plotted against him by wearing all white. “You think I said, ’I’m gonna wear white, I want you to buy me a white car and I want you to wear white?'” Mimi asks. “Is that what you think?” That’s exactly what he thinks hence why Mimi thinks his insecurities led him to hollering at Karlie Redd. After Mimi lets him know she knows his little secret he asks, “You finished?” Wrong move, Nikko.

When she brings up the names he called her at his screening he dismissed that as well. Mimi’s had enough so naturally the animosity gets turned up a notch. His solution is to ask her if she wants to do a threesome with Karlie Redd. It’s a wrap for dude. Bye bye Nikko.

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