Stevie TV Episode Four: Zombies, Canadians, And Housewives… Oh My!

This week’s episode of Stevie TV played right into two of my biggest obsessions: Canadian pop stars and reality television. We already got a feel for the sexy times Justin Bieber and buddy Drake have in the tub when they think no one is looking, and with the release of World Ward Z and general zombie paranoia, the introduction of a certain problematic guest on Super Rich Women  From Just Outside Champaign, Illinois only felt right.

Just because we’re nearing the apocalypse doesn’t mean the local female zombie can’t socialize with her really wealthy friends on Cinco de Mayo/the annual Raising Awareness for Borderline Personality event. But when it comes to girls’ night, the same rules apply–even for zombies. No husbands allowed!

Do you like your housewives with a side of the undead? What about bromances and soap suds? Let us know your favorite moment from last night’s Stevie TV in the comments below.

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