Erica Mena Pranks Unsuspecting Uncle, Discusses Her Many Talents On MTV’s The Show With Vinny

Self-described “skinny fat person” Erica Mena brought her fiesty nature and big appetite to Staten Island for an appearance on MTV’s The Show With Vinny. Aware of her reputation, Vinny’s mom Paula put out a “no fighting” disclaimer before the Love And Hip Hop star walked through the door, but luckily the plate full of fresh deliciousness distracted Erica from engaging in any combative behavior.

Because of her history with on-camera fighting, Vinny decides to use Erica’s perceived aggressive nature and willingness to have a little fun to his advantage. Enter: Uncle Nino, the family prankster who deserves a taste of his own medicine. As soon as his pimp cane crosses Vinny’s threshold, all bets are off as Erica helps the family pull a fast one by pretending to be supremely offended by one of the (many) salacious comments that come out of his mouth.

But it’s all in good fun! Smile, Nino.

In a friendly chat before the pranking commenced, Erica discussed her six-year-old son, her past relationships with men (and women), and growing up in foster care while her mother served a three-year jail sentence. “I think that’s probably why I’m so misunderstood, too– because my ways of being are just kind of survival for me” Erica explains. “I’m really not a bad person, I’ve just been through some bad s–t.” Feeding his guests and moving them to tears? That Vinny is truly talented.

Which side of Erica Mena do you prefer: the soft, sensitive open book, or the fiery aggressor who’s looking for a fight?

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