Akon Spits Some Game At Kyle Hart On Hit The Floor

No, you weren’t seeing things, and yes, that was the insanely talented–and gorgeous–Akon on tonight’s episode of Hit The Floor. Every charity auction needs a little celebrity buzz to heat up the bidding wars, and why wouldn’t the man responsible for “Smack That” be a Devils fan?

With his South African sparklers shining bright, Akon willingly accepts the attention of Kyle Hart, de facto MC for the evening, and shells out a generous donation for the aspiring athletes who have cleft palates in need of fixing–or whatever the actual humanitarian effort was. He may not have had the first cameo, but he definitely made the most of his screen time in hopes of winning a free pass with highest achieving etiquette school student on this side of Melrose.

Stay tuned for more on this week’s episode, but first: what did you think of Akon’s cameo on tonight’s episode? Can you name all 12 of his birth names? (Be honest!)

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