Very VH1: Chat With Hit The Floor Star Logan Browning

How did Devil Girl Captain Jelena Howard get to be so evil? And why does she have it out for Ahsha? You’ve likely developed your own theories over the course of Hit The Floor’s first season, but now you can ask the woman who brings Jelena to life (and makes her look devilishly good) directly. Logan Browning joins our interactive chat show Very VH1 this afternoon, hosted by The Gossip Game star Sharon Carpenter.

It all starts today, Tuesday, June 25 at 2 pm EST. Tune in then, and check out the video below to watch the show. Be sure to click on the comment icon in the upper right hand corner to participate in the chat. Remember, it’s an interactive experience, so you can hop on camera to ask a question or comment, too! See you soon.

Catch all-new episodes of Hit The Floor all summer long on Mondays at 9/8 C. And for all things Devil World, head to The Locker Room.

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