Hit The Floor Cast Commentary: Jelena And Terrence On The Anatomy Of A Power Couple

Last night’s Hit The Floor saw Jelena Howard get frustrated by someone other than an unkempt member of the Devil Girl squad for a change. “Perfect” boyfriend and accomplished athlete Terrence Wall suddenly didn’t seem so perfect as he was dodging date night and ignoring his girl’s pouting. Should she be worried?

“Terrence and Jelena are the King and Queen of this world,” creator James LaRosa says. “They really are a super power couple.” Whether they fancy themselves the next Obamas or the heirs to the Carter throne, no further steps towards world domination can be taken if one half of the relationship is blowing off an anniversary dinner. “Her boyfriend, Terrence, is being really standoffish and she has really, really serious trust issues,” Logan Browning says of Episode Five. “She thinks he might be cheating, she thinks he might be doing something else wrong.” Of course, Terrence’s said “shady” behavior was all in the name of opening a restaurant dedicated to his No. 1 fan, so you can go back to being jealous of Jelena for once and for all. “Apparently you can’t do surprises nowadays, because all the way up to the surprise, you’re being ’shady,’ and ’cagey,’ and any number of other things,” Robert Christopher Riley explains. Find out more behind the making of a televised power couple by watching the video above.

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