VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: I’m Married To A… and Model Employee Go Out With A Bang, Plus Four Buzzworthy Moments

This week VH1 closed chapters on the docu-series I’m Married To A… and competition show, Model Employee, with two highly entertaining finales. Daredevil Josh performed a dangerous stunt that involved car explosives and setting himself on fire on I’m Married To A…, while his wife, Star, watched nervously on the sidelines. And after weeks of fish-out-of-water challenges, the new spokesmodel for Mandalay Bay was finally revealed. Congratulations, Sonja!

In addition to two season finales, Shay tried to physically attack Erica on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta while Hit The Floor’s Sloane finally revealed the truth about her past to Ahsha. From secrets and showdowns to death-defying stunts, which moment has you wanting more? Check out our favorites from the past seven days.

I’m Married To A…: Will Josh Survive The Stunt?

Throughout the episode, Josh and his crew (which includes his daredevil dad) prepare for an extremely dangerous stunt that has never been attempted in the United States. After he’s launched in the air and set on fire, the ambulance arrives and we anxiously wait to see if he’ll make it out alive–along with his nervous wife and children (… can we breathe yet?). If there is one lesson that this series has taught us, it’s this: unconditional love and support can make any relationship a success.

Model Employee: Sonja Wins!

After weeks of challenges that forced the models out of their comfort zones, the judges finally reveal who they want as the new spokesmodel for Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. In an intense deliberation in front of an audience, Sonja is named the winner as balloons and streamers fill the room and she rejoices with excitement and hugs (we admit we cheered a bit, too). Congrats Sonja!

Stevie TV: Sabrina, the 30-Year-Old Witch

Stevie Ryan takes us back to one of our favorite sitcoms of the ’90s, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, cluing us in to what Sabrina has been up to since the show–along with her wise cat, Salem. As a 30-year-old adult, Sabrina uses her magic to try and keep a man around and begin a long-lasting romance. However, her spells are not always successful/foolproof.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Shay Lashes Out At Erica

When Traci invites both Erica and Shay to Karlie’s event, she tries to get to two women to talk and work out their differences. Did Traci not see what happened at the Season One Reunion Show? (Hint: these women DO NOT like one another.)

Hit The Floor: Sloane Reveals The Truth To Ahsha

During the Devils charity event, Sloane finally opens up to Ahsha about her relationship with Pete. Not only did they have a tumultuous love affair that ended when she found him in bed with Olivia, but much of Sloane’s time as a Devil Girl was spent in a drug-infused haze, leading her to tell her daughter that getting pregnant truly saved her life. (Tissues, please!)

Couples Therapy: Joe Discovers Dustin’s Past

Joe Francis decides to do some research on new couple Dustin and Heather from MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas, only to discover Dustin’s history in gay porn. Instead of keeping this information to himself, he calls over his housemates, laughs, and casts judgments about a guy he’s never said so much as hello to.

Were you happy Sonja was chosen as the face of Mandalay Bay? Are you #TeamShay or #TeamErica? Was Joe wrong for digging into Dustin’s past before getting to know him? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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