Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Rasheeda Calls Kirk A “Great Father,” Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Despite the fact that they’re expecting a new baby, all is not entirely well in the land of Rasheeda and Kirk. First there was Mr. Frost’s less than thrilled reaction to Rasheeda’s pregnancy, followed by his suggestion she get an abortion to make it all go away. On Monday, the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star took to Instagram to let her husband know he was slacking on his parental duties, which gave Sharon Carpenter plenty of material to draw inspiration from during last night’s installment of Very VH1.

In a clip from last night’s chat, Rasheeda explains the details of her pointed Instagram post, which should also teach social media users a lesson in etiquette: if you’re supposed to be somewhere or do something for someone, don’t ignore their messages and think you can get away with updating your various newsfeeds. There are eyes everywhere! In addition to calling Kirk a “great father,” Rasheeda describes how “pissed” she was about his negative reaction to their forthcoming bundle of joy. And unlike Phaedra Parks, she seems to have a proper handle on just how far along she is. Check out that bump!

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