Couples Therapy Sneak Peek: For Chingy And Temple, Three’s A Crowd

The initial round of group sessions on Couples Therapy provide a safe environment for housemates to reveal their biggest fears or concerns, and indicate which couples are on the same page about major isssues. Last week we saw Joe Francis criticize girlfriend Abbey Wilson for not coming to his defense, and in a sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, Chingy has a post-session pow wow with Temple after she decides to speak freely about the child he had with another woman. “I wasn’t proud about the situation and the way it happened, but it happened,” Chingy explains. “And it had nothing to do with her, so I think she should slow down.”

Things remain civil during their on-camera discussion, but it’s clear Chingy may not fully understand his partner’s feelings, or simply what makes her react in a certain way. “He never sees what I see, he never does. What I’d like to think is our rock bottom, he’s never going to agree with me,” Temple says in return. Will Dr. Jenn be able to help? Check out the video above.

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