Hit The Floor Dancer Diaries: Reshma Lists The Qualities Every Devil Girl Should Have

As a member of the Devil Girls, Hit The Floor ladies need a lot of energy to keep their hips shaking and their smiles bright on game night. That works out just fine for Reshma Gajjar, who started dancing at three as a way to release all of the extra energy her parents simply didn’t know what to do with.

After touring with music legends like Madonna and Ricky Martin, the seasoned performer believes HTF choreographer Michael Rooney’s complex routines push her to the limit both mentally and physically. “This job I am dancing, and I feel so good that finally use my training,” she tells VH1. Reshma lists faith, perseverance, hard work, and luck among the most important qualities any aspiring dancer should have, all of which helped her get to where she is today. Learn more about her journey to becoming a member of the L.A. squad by watching the video above.

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