Hit The Floor: Is It Finally Time To Meet Mia?

We’ve been watching Hit The Floor for nearly six weeks, and for nearly six weeks we’ve been scratching our heads trying to figure out who this mysterious “Miacharacter could be, and why her old Devil Girl uniform is so interesting to Oscar. Each week another layer is peeled back, another secret revealed, but there’s a part of us that just wants to catch a glimpse of the missing dancer (putting a face to a name, you know?). Rejoice, HTF-ers, as relief may finally be in sight.

What happens when a power outage hits a major sports complex? Oh, nothing, just that those with obvious sexual tension get down to their most carnal desires and any recently disappeared dancers show their potentially shamed faces for the first time. Mia is that you?! Screw the weekend, we want it to be Monday NOW.

Catch an all-new episode of Hit The Floor on Monday at 9/8 C. And for all things Devil World, head to The Locker Room.

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