The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About DJ Babey Drew

DJ Babey Drew is a new addition to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast this season, but his being new to reality television has not diminished the drama that surrounds his relationship with Traci Steele. He and Traci are great co-parents to Little Drew, but the tension between them is thick, especially with the constant stream of THAHAs coming in and out of his life and Traci’s new boo. One thing we can say about Drew is that he does his best to provide for his family, whether he’s spinning on tour with Chris Brown or putting his entrepreneurial drive to work by opening a sneaker store, he’s always hustling in a legitimate way. Since he’s new to the cast, we gave him The Scoop treatment to find out more about the man behind some incredible acronyms. From when he had his first kiss to his secret crush, find out the nine things you never knew about DJ Babey Drew.

Read on for some of our favorite Drew moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

Drew brings in potential employees for his sneaker business, but baby momma, Traci, is not having it:

Drew learns a valuable lesson about making sure his contracts are signed before delivering a check:

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