The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Che Mack


Che Mack is the latest of Stevie J’s wanna-be proteges, but her approach to getting into the studio with Stevie varies greatly from Stevie’s alleged top priority, Joseline. Che took the high road, asking Joseline if she would be okay with Stevie devoting some time to developing her career. But, unfortunately for Che, Stevie’s reputation made what should have been a relatively drama-free question erupt into a fight at the club, followed by some not-so-nice words. Besides her apparent love of tattoos and music, we didn’t know much about Che before this season so we tasked ourselves with finding out The Scoop on all things Che. From the first thing she looks for in a man to where she would be if she weren’t on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, find out the nine things you never knew about Che Mack!
Read on for some of our favorite Che Mack moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Che gets drunk while working at the club and tries to clear the air with Joseline:

Che and Joseline do clear the air, that is until Che mentions Stevie bought her a TV:

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