Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 11 – Kirk’s Hall Pass

I guess the lesson here is don’t ever tell your man “just do you.”

Kirk and Benzino’s personal relationships with those that they’re closest to have been a little messy lately, and there’s no better way to have a man-to-man therapy session than to do so over protein shakes and planning a trip to the lake.

So that’s how he maintains that bod.

Kirk goes over to Benzino’s to complain about Rasheeda shooting her music video without his consent, griping “You touched my money like it was your money,” and Benzino wonders “Is it a joint account?” to which Kirk responds “Definitely a joint account but I already told her, your name is coming off.” Is it me or does Kirk have trouble understanding the concept of yours, mine, and ours? Sounds like half of that account belongs to Rasheeda no matter when Kirk plans to take her name off the checkbook.

Benzino is sad that this power couple is having issues but he sees it as an opportunity to recruit Kirk for a little outing. Together the two men plan a trip away from it all to the lake. No women, no strip clubs, just two men, their bikes, and presumably a weekend’s supply of GNC’s Whey Protein Powder.

When we last saw K.Michelle and Mimi, K was all apologies for her behavior around Mimi and Nikko’s relationship, but Mimi wasn’t able to process it. I mean, they were at Ariane’s grandfather’s funeral, it wasn’t necessarily the place to have the conversation, but Mimi needed time to formulate a response. Finally, the two women and their purses all sit down for lunch and they come to an agreement.

All is forgiven and the love is still there, but Mimi tells K, “You’ve got to let me go through my struggle.” She then tells K. Michelle, much to K’s delight, “I had to put Nikko on ice.”

“I think she realized that Nikko is awful,” K. Michelle explains to us and follows up with “I was right. I was right.” Regardless of the gloating, the two kiss and make up.

Poor Traci didn’t realize what a loose cannon Shay could be and she’s still not sure what the eff happened last week when Shay went off on Erica at Karlie’s party. “My friends need to be able to keep their s**t together,” Traci says as she’s on her way to meet Shay and get her side of things. Shay apologizes for cursing out Traci and blames her emotions. “Only thing I can say is ’forgive me’ and I apologize,” she says.

Traci still doesn’t think Shay has it together though and tells her as much. Not Shay’s favorite thing to hear! “Go over there to Team Bum B*tch,” Shay says, implying that Traci can join Erica on the roster of ladies she doesn’t think highly of. Traci’s response? “Yes, b*tch, you’re not worth it. BYE!”

So…that’s one friendship that’s OVAH. But Erica might need Traci’s friendship and support more anyway because a judge has signed a warrant for Scrappy’s arrest and he’s going to jail, which means Erica will be a single parent again.

At their daughter Emani’s birthday party, Momma Dee anoints her grandchild “Princess Emani,” of course.

Later, Erica decides it’s time to set things straight with Scrappy and tell him to shape up. “I need Scrappy to understand that your lifestyle is damaging your family,” Erica says.

Scrappy explains that his trouble are just some of the hurdles in life that people need to get over and we all have them, but Erica’s annoyed that his hurdles could be avoided if he tried.

When Scrappy sits down with Emani to tell her he’s going away, it’s heartbreaking. She asks if she can visit and if he’s SURE he has to go. But yes, he’s sure.

“I don’t want you to go. It’s a bad place,” she says. “You have to stand up all night and face the wall.” Whatever jails Emani has been to sound much harsher than where Scrappy’s going, but her assessment of the situation makes Scrappy’s heart break, too.

While Erica is losing the man in her life, Traci is introducing her old man, Drew, to her new one, Sean (or is it DeSean?). “Sean is my boo,” she tells Drew at a club where they were both working on night. “The f*ck you mean, Sean is your boo?” Drew asks. Drew throws a fit, calling Sean a “broke-down Tyrese meets Ne-Yo meets I-need-more-steroids-in-my-cup,” and Traci calls him out for having plenty of women of his own, but he can’t handle her having a new man.

“He’s my man, get over it!” she says.

“He looks like Seal’s illegitimate son!” Drew says, getting in one last insult. “Traci should be looking for someone way better. Someone like me.” These two. Why can’t they just make it work?

Later, the couple goes to lunch to figure out why Drew was such a Babey (get it?) about her new man. “I want you to be happy,” Drew says, “but I don’t want you to be happy with that guy.” He goes on to confess his true feelings, telling her “I was like, ’S**t, this dude has the girl that I’m supposed to have.'”

Traci is surprised. Drew, who has led a parade of microwaveable hos around Atlanta, is “crazy for thinking I’m going to go back with him,” Traci says.

“I’m gonna show you why you want this,” he tells her, not taking no for an answer, and he gets up and grabs her face to go in for a kiss.

“The arrogance!” she says after she pushes him away. “You didn’t want me back then, keep it that way. Don’t want me now.” Drew walks, defeated, insulted, and put in his place.

Joseline wants to marry Stevie J. Now that they got the band back together, she’s more in love than ever and she wants a ring to make it official. She meets with her new buddy K.Michelle to tell her that and K warns Joseline about Stevie’s Jekyll and Hyde tendencies.

“I just don’t want you to do what I did,” K tells Joseline, but love has clouded Joseline’s judgment and she goes on and on about Stevie’s good heart. “This is the man I want to marry and the man I want to be with,” she says.

As a distraction from her situation with Kirk, the girls throw Rasheeda a baby shower. They regale her with tales of labor; Traci and Karlie both broke their water during sex, and Erica claims she gave up on “natural” childbirth when she hit six centimeters.

They all want to know what’s up with Kirk and agree that it sounds like he might be projecting his own indiscretions onto Rasheeda, there’s no other logical reason why he’d be accusing her of messing around in their opinions. “I will tell you this, anything that’s going on in the dark, it will come to the light,” Rasheeda says.

Emani might be sad about her father heading to jail, but Momma Dee is taking it hard as well. As she drives him to court, they discuss her own incarceration and the fact that Scrappy had to run the household and take care of his sister while she was away and she knows exactly what it’s like to be in his shoes. It’s not something she’s taking easily.

She and Erica show Scrappy their love and support as they emotionally drop him off at the courthouse.

At the studio, Joseline shows up while Stevie’s working on her music. Side note, we get a good look at the names of her songs, and they’re pretty much a list of her classic catchphrases” “Bad Boosh,” “Stingy With My Kooty Kat,” and what sounds like Stevie’s influence, “Bread.”

Joseline’s not exactly there to discuss music though. She wants to let Stevie know she’s ready to take a trip to the altar. “I think it’s about time for him to put that ring in this ass.” Oh, like he hasn’t lost a ring in there before! (JK, Joseline.)

Joseline wants the world to know she’s not his side piece, but when she asks Stevie “Do you love me?” he has no idea how to handle it.

She turns on the tears when she realizes he’s not going to give her all the public love and affection she wants. “Naturally, she wants to be seen as my main chick but…who wouldn’t?” Stevie says in response to her crying. She asks to get engaged because “I can’t give you fifteen years,” (nice slam toward Mimi) and he tells her “You won’t have to.”

Kirk rides out to Lake Lanier looking like a villain in an Indiana Jones movie

with Benzino at his side, and he’s prepared to “just do Kirk.” He explains that he’s tired of being locked down to his wife and kids for so long and now he wants time for himself. Unfortunately, this guys’ weekend that they’re spending at their friend Bobby V’s cabin is not guys only. “Leave it up to Bobby V to have a bunch of chicks running around the cabin,” Benzino says. “Lord knows what we’re about it get into.”

Kirk’s not mad though. After a night of booze and strip black jack, he explains “This is what I needed.” Looks like it.

Rasheeda told Kirk to get on his bike and “do Kirk” and he’s taking that to mean he has a hall pass of sorts from the marriage—a pass he fully intends to take advantage of. Benzino is impressed by Kirk’s ability to turn it up but doesn’t want his friend to do something he’ll regret. Turns out it’s too late for that. Kirk’s new mentality is that for his marriage to work, Rasheeda needs to let Kirk be happy, and in order for that to happen, he needs to have some fun with other women. In a hot tub.

“This right here, I could get used to,” Kirk tells Benzino.

“Double or nothing,” one of his Jacuzzi-mates says. I’m assuming she doesn’t know about his pregnant wife who’s at home. The hall pass has been activated.