Poll: Did Rasheeda Really Give Kirk The Okay To Cheat?

“You get on your G–damn bike and you figure out what you wanna do at two and three and four o’clock in the morning,” Rasheeda told Kirk last week on Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.

“You do you, I do me?” Kirk asked. “Yep,” she replied.

This week, Kirk took her advice, got on his bike, and hightailed it to a hot tub full of women, at least two of which, he enlisted to help him “do Kirk.” But was Rasheeda just mad in the heat of the moment, or was she actually giving him a hall pass from their marriage? It’s open for interpretation, but clearly Kirk interpreted it the way that most benefited himself. Let us know what you think, was he wrong to step out on his marriage and unborn baby, or is that exactly what Rasheeda wanted him to do?

Kirk is…