Hit The Floor Star Charlotte Ross On Aging And Having The Supreme Court Weigh In On Her Ass

On VH1’s latest scripted series, Hit The Floor, we’ve already established that Olivia Vincent, played by Charlotte Ross, has killer style. Ironically, in her past role on NYPD Blue, Ross became most famous for her lack of clothing — in a 2003 episode of the show, Ross’s bare bottom made an appearance during a shower scene and the “indecency” of it all actually became a Supreme Court case (which was ultimately overturned). In an interview appearing in today’s New York Daily News, Ross explains “It was all pretty strange, having my ass discussed right up to the Supreme Court.”

In the same interview Ross, who is 45, discusses her age, explaining that she has no problem getting older. “I know aging can strike fear into women, and that’s heightened in my business. But I have no fear of aging. I embrace it. Do I get depressed over wrinkles? Yes. But I remember when I thought I’d always have to play a teenager or an ingenue. So I’m delighted at what I can play now.” And as for her famously bare butt, it sounds like she might be down for showing it off on Hit The Floor because ten years after it first made an appearance on the small screen, she’s actually prouder than ever of her physique. “Today, my ass is much better,” she says.

[Photo: VH1/Piotr Sikora]