Hit The Floor Episode Six: Blackouts And Hookups Rock Devils Arena

Television has a long and interesting history with episodes built around blackouts. A lot can happen when the lights go dark! People break up, people make out, and Average Joes like Chandler Bing can hang in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. With all the drama and sexual tension brewing on Hit The Floor, anything is possible when Devils Arena goes dark. Anything… like meeting Mia, perhaps?

Naturally Kyle Hart knows the lore of the Santa Ana winds, which are notoriously destructive yet also provide the background for some very hot hookups. But Devil Girls and Devil players have more important things on their minds; Dallas is in town! And Owner Oscar can only think about satisfying his checking account by putting butts in the seats and a W on the scoreboard before he can think about satisfying himself.

But, because natural disasters and abnormal weather patterns provide such a great template for unexpected storylines, a few less than obvious (and some very, very obvious) couples get cooped up together when the storm’s strongest winds send the power at Devils Arena into a frenzy. Let’s recap:

Ahsha and Derek Roman
Location: An elevator
Chances of a hookup?: 85 percent. The confined space and Ahsha’s inability to run away helps The Roman Emperor out A LOT.

German and Kyle
Location: DG rehearsal studio
Chances of a hookup? 40 percent. German is too nice (or is he?).

Raquel and Coach Davenport
Location: The Devil’s Playground
Chances of a hookup? 60 percent. We know Pete likes to drink, but he’s spending a lot of time watching R pour.

Jelena and Mia
Location: The parking garage
Chances of a hookup? Very slim–unless that’s why Mia ran away?

One thing we knew was likely to happen–although probably didn’t think it was going to happen in such a visceral, hot way–was happily married Devil Power Couple Olivia and Chase Vincent hooking up during the Santa Ana-produced downtime. Hey, he’s hot and she’s hot! Their sexytimes should be nothing less than that.

Olivia also had a brief pep talk with her girl Raquel, who despite her friendship with Ahsha, still wants to get it on with Pete Davenport. This has to be the bright side of no longer dancing for the Devil Girls, right? Olivia is speaking from experience when she advises Raquel not to go down that road (tell us more!) and reminds her that her last fling with even just a player-adjacent lothario did not end well. See: Jesse, her jerk of a deadbeat dad (who happens to drive a Porsche). Against her better judgment, Raquel goes for it. Is #YOLO still an excuse? Sadly her kiss only makes Pete realize he needs to tend to preexisting relationships before he can start a new one, which leads him to hurry off to Sloane’s where she greats him with minimal conversation and a super steamy kiss. We’re still rooting for you, Raquel.

One of the driving factors in Ahsha’s decision to audition for the Devil Girls her mother’s experience as a dancer, and now we see she might begin to follow in Sloane’s footsteps even more. Finding yourself stuck in an elevator with Derek Roman isn’t the worst thing in the world, and even after verbally lacerating him with judgments about his larger-than-life ego, the Roman Emperor still went in for the kill. He kissed her, sure, but did she kiss back? And how much will German cry over this? That’s $5,000 bracelet is looking stupider by the second…

But which Hayes woman had the hotter hookup? You decide.

For those keeping track, German and Kyle did not get to know each other in the biblical sense (I told you he’s too good to cheat). Kyle did sprinkle some necessary real talk onto our fair high school coach, while also revealing her “end game” comes with a price. Don’t tell me she’s come to L.A. after running away from some OTHER professional dance team for reasons that have yet to be determined? Oscar worked up a sweat fighting to get the power back on, but it seems like he was withholding a back-up generator the entire time. Either he’s really invested in the will they or won’t they of Ahsha and Derek, or he’s just trying to finagle his way into more more for this new stadium project. As long as you throw Chase Vincent a paycheck so he can keep looking that good, we’re cool.

And then there’s Mia. Mia, Mia, Mia. The girl we’ve been wondering about finally appeared on Devils turf, and received no sympathy from Jelena. There was talk of money, maybe drugs, and lots of references to “them,” making me believe this missing Devil Girl definitely got involved with the wrong crowd. All she wants slash needs is her uniform back–not the one Olivia found in her apartment, but the one with the hidden microphone attached–and it appears she’ll go to whatever lengths necessary to get it. Jelena doesn’t seem willing to help, so will anyone else?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of HTF? Was the mysterious Mia everything you expected her to be? How cool was that glow in the dark routine? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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