Hit The Floor: Tracking Missing Devil Girl Mia’s Latest Moves

Happy Hit The Floor Monday! As we prepare for an all-new episode that potentially answers some of the biggest questions we’ve been trying to wrap our head around, let’s recap what we do know about Mia the Missing Devil Girl, shall we?

We know she was talented–too talented, even–and we know she loved her job. So what (or who) would make her feel the need to run away from it all? After putting her uniform up for auction during last week’s Devils charity event, the questions circling missing Mia Sertner have quadrupled over night. Check out the interactive paper trail, captured in full and on display in The Locker Room:

June 19: Olivia Emails Mia, 9 am

Mia, I tried calling you at the number you left me. I also went to your apartment. The door was unlocked and your stuff was everywhere. Mail was piled up. I’m worried about you. You were always a bright spirit with a beautiful future ahead of you. If you need anything I’m here for you. There’s always a place for you in the Devils’ Organization. Olivia

June 24: Email to Devils Organization, 10:01 pm

Hi! I’m a friend of Mia Sertner’s and she was heart broken when she saw her uniform online. She really wanted it. I’d love to get it for her. Any chance it’s still available or I could try to buy it from the person who won it?! Thanks!

June 25: Devils Organization Emails Mia, 9:01 am

Hello (You didn’t leave a name), I’m sorry but you’ll have to tell Ms. Sertner that someone bid a significant amount of money to buy her uniform. Unfortunately, we can’t release the private information of event guests. If she’d like me to contact him directly and let him know that she’s interested in it, I can do that. Just let me know. We miss her! Best, Sarah Devils Foundation Event Coordinator

So where is Mia? Why did she have so many hotel room keys? And what is the deal with the microphone in her uniform? We have a sneaking suspicion Jelena knows more about this than she’s letting on–just a hunch, though.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Hit The Floor tonight at 9/8 C.

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