Check Yourself: For Real For Real, I’m Over It

“In the next six months, if you don’t marry me, I’m going to start dating around…and you don’t want that,” Joseline says in this week’s installment of Check Yourself. This, after she’s already told Stevie she wants him to “put that ring in this ass.” Stevie though, is not prepared “to jump the broom at this particular moment,” and calls in his best Redd Foxx impression to illustrate his point.

We also hear from Mimi about the state of her relationship with K.Michelle, and she explains “K.Michelle loves me certain times. When she’s not going the f— off.” And as for how Mimi feels about Nikko now…

…When she watches the scene where she tells K “I had to put Nikko on ice,” she adds now “I had to put Nikko on the North f—ing Pole.”

Watch the full Check Yourself clip to find out what else the cast thinks of this week’s episode!

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