Hit The Floor: Here’s Mia!

True to its established bomb-dropping form, Hit The Floor may have just answered (or begun to answer) one of the bigger questions keeping you up at night: #WheresMia? We’ve created our own theories and followed her spotty social media trail, but finally the mysterious, missing Devil Girl has made face-to-face contact with one of her former teammates. Just in time for the Santa Ana winds to start acting up!

While Jelena is busy dealing with her sensitive car alarm–alone, in the Devils Arena parking garage–Mia, the girl everyone can’t stop talking about, makes her sheepish reveal from a dark corner. Jelena seems less than enthused about this makeshift reunion, turning ice cold when Mia talks about needing help and really needing to get her uniform back. (The one with the microphone inside?) A few other clues we discovered about Mia, her tumultuous final days as a Devil Girl, and her very scary now:

1. “They” found her
2. She hasn’t slept in days
3. Jelena told “people” where Mia was hiding
4. Mia went through something “that night” and came to Jelena “scared and alone,” looking for help
5. Jelena thinks Mia is egoistical and likely on drugs

What does it all mean, HTF-ers? Does it surprise you that Jelena is being such an ice queen throughout all of this, or is there more information we don’t know about Mia? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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