Hit The Floor: How Will Ahsha And Derek’s Kiss Change Things?

Meeting Mia was not the only major surprise on last night’s episode of Hit The Floor. Devils star Derek Roman finally shed his false bravado and collection of corny pickup lines and had a genuine conversation with Ahsha, hinting at a messy family life and outlining exactly what he wants from their business relationship.

“This time there’s this forced intimacy–there’s nowhere to go, you’re in an elevator,” McKinley Freeman says of the tiny space his character and his Devil Girl crush were stuck in for the duration of the blackout. True, Ahsha doesn’t have practice to scamper off to, or a nearby German to run away with, which gives the Roman Emperor no choice but to make his move. Will Ahsha kiss back, or is her whole world about to come crumbling down (even more so than before)?

To get more insight on how the recent developments for several couples–a.k.a. Sloane and Pete starting to hook up again–will affect the remainder of the season, check out the video above.

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