VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Sparks Fly On Hit The Floor Plus Two More Must-Watch Moments

Along with Independence Day celebrations, VH1’s primetime line-up really brought the fireworks this week. Sparks flew on Hit The Floor when Derek kissed Ahsha and Sloane kissed Pete. Meanwhile, jaws dropped across America when Kirk skirted the line of cheating on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

On Stevie TV, Stevie Ryan continued making fun of hipsters with her newest musical ode to those who consider themselves “vintage.” From thrifting to bombshells, VH1 kept us entertained all week long. But which show still has you talking? Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

Hit The Floor: Derek Kisses Ahsha

When the power goes out in the Devils Arena, anything can happen…and everything we’ve wanted to happen so far this season does. After weeks of sexual chemistry building, Derek finally makes his move on Ahsha while stuck in an elevator together during the blackout. Although we think German is the perfect boyfriend, we can’t wait to see what this kiss will lead to between Derek and Ahsha.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Does Kirk Cheat On Rasheeda?

What was meant to be a guys’ weekend turns into a crazy party with lots of ladies at Benzino’s lake house. While in the hot tub with Benzino and some lady friends, Kirk uses his “free pass” from Rasheeda which leads to trouble. Considering that he has a pregnant wife at home, we weren’t too pleased with Kirk’s actions…and neither was Nicki Minaj.

Stevie TV: Vintage

Last season, Stevie Ryan had declared war on hipsters (Remember, As The World Whatevers…?). This week, Stevie took her battle to song where she hilariously describes the difference between being a hipster and being vintage. Whether you agree or not, one thing is for sure — this song is really catchy and is constantly stuck in our heads. I’m vintage…I’m vintage…

Will Ahsha choose to be with Derek over German? Was it okay for Kirk to hook up with another woman? Did you like Stevie’s song about hipsters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moments This Week?

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