Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On Santa Ana Winds And Whether Mia Is Sticking Around

Time to get to know another Devil Girl! Last night’s big reveal paved the way for a whole slew of questions about where Mia has been and why she’s running away. The decision to introduce us to the missing dancer can only be explained by Hit The Floor’s master and commander, James LaRosa.

Read on for his thoughts on Mia, turning down the lights of Devils Arena, and bringing former flames together again, below.

(SPOILER WARNING blah blah blah)


Finally, we meet.

And aren’t you a doll. A strung out, on the run doll. But a clever one! Using the ole “setting-off-someone’s-car-alarm-to-lure-them-to-you-so-you-can-confront-their-lying asses trick. (You KNOW you’re going to try that now.) Turns out that cash Jelena got at the playground was her own (girlfriend got dough!). It was money Jelena gave Mia, the girl nipping at her popularity heels, to get the hell out of L.A. So the good news is Jelena wasn’t directly caught up in whatever shady shade Mia is. The bad news is Mia came to her for help and Jelena’s first response was to seize the opportunity to bounce a b–ch. DANG, JELENA, GRRL WHO HURT YOU?

So what else did we learn? There are people after Mia. Timed, coincidentally, with Mia’s email to Olivia being traced by Chase (that rhymed!) for Oscar. Oscar’s after whatever is on that microphone, and now Mia knows he doesn’t have it either. So the race is on! Per Jelena, either the uniform is “in the trash where it belongs or some other girl has it.” Mia officially has a mission.

And where do the hotel keys fit in..?

Word to the wise: this isn’t Mia’s only episode, so don’t think we’re gonna leave you hanging with this story. ALL WILL BE REVEALED. And now finally–finally!–I can reveal and welcome the amazing Johanna Braddy to the cast. “Who Is Mia” trended worldwide on Twitter and Johanna couldn’t jump up and down and say ME ME ME! Johanna can keep a secret, and she’s just an awesome addition to the family.

“Lights Out” was about more than Mia. The Santa Anas knocked the power out, stranding folks all over the place. (Fun Fact: this storyline was inspired by a blackout on Guiding Light in the early ’90s, a show I religiously skipped school to watch. RIP GL.)

After a big fight with German over a bracelet he gave her that put him into hock, Ahsha found herself on an elevator with Derek, while German found himself with Kyle. Ahsha refused to tell Derek anything about the fight. Cut to German going on and on about every detail. Kyle was clearly more interested in the diamonds but she still took the time to read his ass up down and center, helping him, “one broke bitch to another.” The truth hurts, but it did some good.

German learned something, and afterwards we learned something about Kyle, getting our first real clue into her story. So far she’s been a lone wolf on a mission to acquire. Now we learn there’s a reason. A dollar amount to be exact: $757,432.86. What’s that buy? “Freedom.” ANOTHER EFFING MYSTERY?? This one’s a doozy folks, so keep those eyes peeled!

There was no mystery in the elevator, where Derek told Ahsha he wanted to have sex with her and that if she was honest she’d admit she wanted to have sex with him too. To prove it, he kissed her. While she didn’t kiss him back, she didn’t push him away either (mmhmmm). When the lights came on, Ahsha couldn’t book it the hell out of there any faster. Which is too bad, because Jelena caught her racing off. Derek covered well enough, until Jelena wiped lipstick off his lips. She notices everything!

Super duper fun fact: Logan Browning couldn’t figure out how to wipe lipstick off McKinley Freeman any more gracefully than pawing his entire face over and over. Now on the set we say “lipstick” and then run our entire hand down each other’s faces. Which sounds grosser than it is. It’s actually super hot and not awkward at all.

Super hotter? SLOANE AND PETE! Show ‘em how it’s done Kimberly Elise and Dean Cain! Twenty-some-odd years of sexual frustration exploded into furniture smashing, body thrashing Santa Ana nookie. GET. IT. Sloane said she was over him. Pete boarded her window. Then it was on. Of course the minute the lights came back on, they were clutching for any coverage they could find. Think this was really a one-time thing? I dunno, you might want to check the teaser for the next episode…

Where does this leave Raquel? Pete finally let someone else in on his secret, telling her he’s Ahsha’s father. Which spun Raquel out-–Ahsha’s her rolldawg! Fast forward to the tiny little supply closet where Pete and Raquel are making out like, well, two people in a tiny little supply closet. Pete took the gentlemanly way out, which definitely showed growth since he would’ve soooo gone down that road back in the day. And Raquel is not a woman you use. As noble and strong as Raquel is, she’s demonstrated AGAIN that she acts with her heart not her head (see: her relationship with Jesse, her talking back to Jelena during try-outs). That could get even the nicest people in trouble… hint hint.

Meanwhile it was 50 Shades of OMG with Olivia and Chase in her office. They’re freaks! I love it. I love their conversation after, where Olivia keyed into the fact that her husband only flips her around and pushes her down on a desk when he’s not happy. That’s deep. I mean, not literally. Maybe literally. Okay I’m leaping on to the next paragraph.

With all of Oscar’s blustering about getting the power back on, turns out he was responsible for keeping it off, by having the back-up generator disabled. It allowed him to force the city to let the new Devils Arena project into Hollywood. Sneaky bastard! We learned all this during an INSANE glow-in-the-dark number to the tune of Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.” How epic was that? My favorite part: Ahsha dancing shamefully in the dark, hiding from her kiss with Derek, Jelena spying her guilt then giving a little sociopath smile. I SAID WHO HURT YOU??

With all the drama and hook ups and reveals and teases, we ended on a serious note, with Ahsha coming home, crawling into bed next to German and having a cold exchange about the bracelet. What wasn’t being said: their relationship has been fractured. Is it a big enough rift for, say, someone else (ahem: Derek) to crawl through? Or can they get back to being the Ahsha and German we know and love? Keep watching…

LINE OF THE WEEK: “I’m sure your phone has herpes.” – Ahsha, to Derek, after he freaked out on her for smashing it. WHY CAN’T YOU TWO PLAY NICE?


“Do you think Sloane might get pregnant from last night’s tryst?! I would fall the hell out!” –@BeGood2People

Ahh!! With everything else Ahsha has on her plate, you want to add big sister?? You have a sick mind. Perfect for watching this show, where anything could happen…

“Why are the sex scenes on hit the floor so marvelous ? I want to be spun around by my hair and bent over a desk too.” –@LunaVega702

I’ll send Rick Fox right over…

“What the f*** hit the floor?”@jSupremeee

Can you be more specific?

“Will there be a season 2 ???? Please say yes!!!!!!!”@LadyHarrington_

I’ll let you know as soon as I do! But if y’all keep watching like this I’m feeling kinda okay about it… ?

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NEXT WEEK: Kyle’s fired, and Mia’s fired up (see what I did?!) to find that uniform. Plus, you’re about to see a whole new side of Sloane and Pete. SCANDALOUS!

Till next time HTF-ers!



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