K. Foxx Talks Her Departure From HOT 97 And The Surprising Candidate Who May Replace Her

On The Gossip Game this season we learned all about the intense rivalry between legendary New York radio station Hot 97 and their younger, quickly ascending counterpart, Power 105. On the TV show, K.Foxx, with her job as a morning show co-host on HOT 97, was the face of the station and from jump she made it known that she didn’t cavort with the likes of co-star Angela Yee, of Power 105’s Breakfast Club. But things have changed since The Gossip Game ended, and K. Foxx found herself abruptly out of a job. She spoke to EBONY recently about her departure from the station — as always, she gets right to the point and has a new outlook on her old employer.

The ousted star explains that her departure from the station was sudden. “In radio, they don’t give you a two week notice because you could just go on the air and wild out, and say ’F*ck you!’ and all that. So they have you do a shift and tell you after your shift not to come back. It’s not unheard of for you not know what’s going on up till then.” She shared her morning show slot with co-hosts Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds who were as surprised as she was to learn she would be out. “They’re shocked. And confused…I’m a good person. I always came in to work I wasn’t a bitch to anyone. I always smiled. Did lots of events. I was a team player. [DJ Funkmaster] Flex called me and he said: ’You didn’t deserve this. You rode for HOT-97.’ I wore that logo on my back.”

That logo is tarnished now, and she says that when former boss Ebro accused her of sleeping her way to the top, she retorts “Is he saying that ’the top’ is HOT-97? That’s the top? For me it’s not.” Ouch. But hey, now that she’s not pledging her allegiance to HOT 97 anymore, maybe this means she and Angela can hang out now.

Ironically, the one person K bonded with this season on The Gossip Game, Ms. Drama, is also the person rumored to be in the running to replace her. “The rumors are ridiculous at this point,” she says. “That’s definitely their decision to make. But Drama and I talk enough to where I’m sure if that were the situation, I would know.”
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