Poll: Will Stevie And Joseline Tie The Knot?

Stevie J. has a hard time saying the L-word to Joseline, and after fifteen years with Mimi, he never asked for her hand in marriage. But all of a sudden this week on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, he has a change of heart and agrees to commit to Joseline. In fact, he agrees to buy her a house and to get married. Of course it might have helped that she was straddling him while he made his promises, but knowing Stevie as we do, it’s hard to take his promise of marriage seriously. (We say promise because it certainly wasn’t much of a proposal.) So what do you think? Is this wedding talk legit? Will the two of them actually tie the knot? Let us know in our poll below.

Do You Think Joseline And Stevie Are Really Going To Get Married?