Hit The Floor Cast Commentary: Ahsha And Derek Are Just Friends… Right?

With her recent personal drama somewhat stalled, thanks to Sloane’s decision to tell all in the ladies room, Ahsha can now enjoy the benefits of being a Devil Girl and having a supportive boyfriend who gets excited by talk of apartment hunting. On last night’s Hit The Floor we saw once again how Ahsha simply can’t resist the allure (or at least, the mystery) of Derek Roman, even if her man at home is more than willing to woo her with words like “duvet.”

When you get stuck with someone in an elevator for hours, you do tend to develop a bond, but we’re guessing Ahsha isn’t Derek’s emergency contact–which makes it all the more questionable for her to be the one to go looking for the Devils star after he goes M.I.A. at game time. “Literally in Derek’s life, everyone is taking,” McKinley Freeman tells VH1. “She’s the one person that’s giving and she doesn’t want anything in return. It’s so innocent and it’s so genuine.” Yes, but does German agree? Find out more about what the actors, as well as creator James LaRosa, think about this budding love triangle by checking out the video above.

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