Hit The Floor: After A Sex Tape Scandal, Kyle Hart Is At Your Service

Because Kyle Hart has engaged in some extracurricular activities that don’t sit well with her boss Olivia, and get the team suits all sweaty and nervous, there’s a chance her Devil Girl paychecks might be stalled for the time being. Last night’s Hit The Floor saw our favorite Southern belle fight for her job in light of a minor scandal, and now we see she’s basically willing to do anything for cash. It’s a long way to $757,432.86–her “end game,” remember?

In effort to further get her face out there to potential Los Angeles employers, as well as to prove she’s not who you think she is, was, or might be, this dancer is taking her talents to YouTube. Check out the debut of Ms. Hart’s vlog, and think long and hard about whether you have some jobs that might work towards her skill set.

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[Photo Credit: VH1; Video Credit: Sarah Fahey]