Hit The Floor Dancer Diaries: Meet Courtney Galiano

So You Think You Can Dance alum  Courtney Galiano is putting her knack for rhythm front and center on Hit The Floor, while also branching into acting. She may be bringing fiesty Los Angeles Devil Girl Desiree to life on a weekly basis, but our scripted series isn’t her first time in the spotlight.

After being unable to shake the performance bug long after her high school friends dropped out of dance class, the 24-year-old New York native put her skills to the test courtside as Knicks City Dancer, performing for rowdy basketball fans and gaining an advantage over her peers when it comes to potentially being distracted by the bulging biceps of sweaty athletes just a few feet away. From there, it was Hollywood or bust. “I never thought of myself as this girl who would leave leave New York, leave her family, and leave everything she knew, and I kind of just picked up and left,” Courtney tells VH1. For more on Courtney’s personal battles and new HTF family, check out the video above.

Catch new episodes of Hit The Floor all summer long on Mondays at 9/8 C. And to stay up on all things Devil World, head to The Locker Room.

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[Photo Credit: VH1]