Submit An #UnselfishSelfie And Raise Money For Charity With One Little Photo

Ahh, the selfie. The Internet’s way of giving everyone a chance to show off. But what if your selfie could actually change the world? As part of this year’s Do Something! Awards, we’re launching the #UnselfishSelfie campaign. Take a pic of yourself doing something positive — hugging your mom, hugging a tree, sharing a hand-written message of hope and encouragement. Upload your photo with the hashtag #UnselfishSelfie.

For each photo posted with the hashtag, Viacommunity will donate $1, with the goal of raising $25,000 for this year’s Do Something Awards nominees’ charities! Plus, your submission could make it into our commercial and the show itself! Need some ideas for what you could unselfishly be doing in your photo? You’re in luck, we’ve thought of a few for you. You could:

-Clean the toilet so your mom doesn’t have to
-Buy a stranger a Cronut
-Wipe the air conditioner drips from the subway seat so someone can sit
-Walk your neighbor’s dog
-Babysit for a friend who hasn’t seen a movie since 2011
-Help your coworker finish the Thursday Times crossword
-Volunteer at a food pantry
-Smile at someone you don’t know — in a non-creepy way, of course
-Pick up that smashed soda can from the sidewalk
-Let the people off the train before you get on
-Allow that really aggressive car to pass you (Note: take your selfie after you’ve stopped the car)
-Tell your grandma you miss her
-Hold the door open for someone
-Clean up the coffee spill in the break room, even if it’s not yours

What are you waiting for? Go do something nice, upload it, and feel good about yourself!

The Do Something! Awards air on VH1 on Wednesday, July 31 at 8PM ET/PT.