Watch Kirk “Blame It On The Alcohol” In This Clip From Our Very VH1 After Show

Kirk Frost is a brave man for agreeing to be on our Very VH1 Spreecast during a period when most people don’t think so highly of him. He fielded plenty of negative comments and questions during the show, but when host Sharon Carpenter asked him to explain his hot tub behavior in detail, he took the easy way out and told her “I’m Jamie Foxx, I’m blaming it on the alcohol.” However, he does clarify how “turned up” things got with Mary Jane. It wasn’t ALL THE WAY turned up, and in fact, he claims all they did was talk. Huh.

In the clip above, check out Kirk as he tells Sharon that he wasn’t himself the night that his indiscretions went down at the lake, and he even thinks his drink might have been spiked. “Maybe somebody put something in the drink, because it really wasn’t me,” he says. Hmm. Not sure we believe everything he’s saying here, but listen to him as he states his case and decide for yourself.

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