Does Kirk Regret Messing Around? Watch As He Admits The Moment He Knew He Was Wrong

To look at Kirk Frost’s face on Monday night’s Love And Hip Hop Atlanta as he confronts his wife, Rasheeda, and admits he fooled around was to look directly at an unemotional Kirk-bot. It was clear he knew he did her wrong, but he refused to show any remorse at the time.

In this clip from the Very VH1 After Show (which you can watch in its entirety here), host Sharon Carpenter got Kirk to open up and explain his dead-behind-the-eyes expression and the moment he realized exactly what he just did. It wasn’t until he got home and saw Rasheeda being debriefed by Traci that he got the full effect. “I’m looking at her seeing her hurt and tears coming down, it was like, I was trying to keep a straight face but that’s when I felt the hurt too, like it was really wrong,” he says. Still, even though he accepts some responsibility, he actually manages to blame Rahseeda for why he did what he did. Ugh. Men! Watch him excuse his behavior in the clip above.

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