Re-examining Relationships: The Best Moments From This Week’s Hollywood Exes

As we take a look back at tonight’s episode, it’s clear the ladies are exploring all of their personal relationships. From family to friendship, the Exes are taking us on an emotional rollercoaster.

Thanks For The (Lack Of) Support

In the clip above, we wonder if Mayte is really prepared to be a mom. Jessica certainly isn’t convinced that Mayte’s ready — and finds a slight passive-agressive way to say so. Instead of having Mayte enlist her for help, Jessica only ends up alienating her friend. We get that Jessica means well, but there’s got to be a better way to say that you care.

Coping With Loss

Still reeling from her father’s passing, Nicole looks back at old photos with her mother. And as Nicole ponders time’s fleeting nature, her mom overshares when imparting some wisdom about aging. Well, there’s nothing wrong with a little humor to lighten the burden of losing a loved one.

Flirting With Family

Jessica invites Jose over for Josie’s birthday so they can celebrate as family. But things quickly take another turn, as Jessica models pieces from her clothing line. Just know that many of the clothes are metal mesh and you can see right through them.

What About Your Friends?

Sheree, Drea, and Mayte get together for dinner. One of the discussion topics: Jessica. Apparently, Drea’s still not feeling Jessica’s seemingly insincere tactics and just wants her to be a real friend.

Drea And Jessica’s Drama

And it looks like Drea gets the chance to confront Jessica after all. After the ladies meet to indulge in Nicole’s “retail therapy,” Drea pulls Jessica aside to clear the air. But have they successfully buried the hatchet?

Mayte’s A Mom!

It’s official! Mayte can now pick up her new daughter, but as the news sinks in, the reality of motherhood truly hits her. Can she live up to being the parent she’s always wanted to be?

What did you think about all of tonight’s drama? Let your thoughts be known below in the comments!