Stevie TV Episode Six: What If Kristen Stewart Had A Talk Show?

Kristen Stewart is in the acting business, which means she likely understands how to sell her brand, and when to look for outside opportunities to gain additional exposure. Celebrity talk shows are all the rage these days, and Stevie TV envisions a world in which the Twilight star and red carpet conundrum can collect another paycheck–even if she looks less than enthralled to be doing so.

Welcome to Kristen Lately, where it’s common for the host to rarely make eye contact with the camera and the discussion of daily topics is typically unintelligble. (Subtitles, anyone?) Despite an easygoing crew of helpers who are quick to crack jokes about Jennifer Aniston’s romantic life, K. Stew can’t seem to crack a smile. But maybe that’s a good thing? Real talk: Would you watch Kristen Stewart’s chat show?

Sadly, this season has to come to an end, but Stevie Ryan’s hilarious interpretations of today’s most insane pop culture headlines will continue to entertain. What was your favorite Stevie TV sketch this season? Are you partial to her take on the Bieb’s bubbly relationship with Drake, or will your love of YOLO never die? Let us know the moments that made you giggle the most, in the comments below.

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