Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 13 – Making That Move

Don’t mess with an angry mama.

This week on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, it’s all about taking matters into your own hands. Everyone has their issues and their own ways to deal with them, and for some, that means resolving old relationship issues, for others it means buying engagement rings, and for still others, it means running over a $7,000 dirt bike.

“Girl, Kirk is a…a—hole.”

Mimi can tell that her girl Rasheeda is down and out over her relationship, so she invites her over to talk and get a sense of what’s up. Rasheeda doesn’t stutter. She doesn’t get how they got to this place in their relationship because she explains “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do as a woman.” Having sex with her man (clearly, since she’s prego), holding the house down, and still, Kirk strays just for a night of fun at the lake.

“I mean, come ON,” Mimi says. “I can’t believe Kirk is taking a left turn. This is crazy.” Mimi knows because she’s been in this same position that these men have the ability to make the women feel like the cheating is their fault, and that’s where Rasheeda is right now. Mimi does her best to console her friend and convince her it is not her fault. “Why is it that men can step out on you and make you feel like you did something wrong?” Mimi asks. It’s a question with no answer. Certainly not one that will make Rasheeda feel better right now.

Your Boy Been SMOKIN’

As part of the terms of his bail, Scrappy had to take a drug test, and it came back positive for marijuana. “Your boy been smokin’!” he says. He’s now got to go see a drug counselor in order to “see what is wrong with me. Why I can’t stop smizznaieezin’. You know what I’m saying?” JUST BARELY, SCRAPPY!

Scrappy tells Momma Dee that his plan is to shake the “bad leaves” off his tree, and getting help for his drug use is one way. Momma Dee thinks that eliminating Erica and Mingnon from their lives is another way. “Guess what, Erica? You huffed and you puffed and you tried to blow the palace down. But guess what? You ran outta air, bitch. You ran outta air!”

Scrappy heads to counseling because, he says, “I wanna know if I really have a marijuana problem. I wanna know if I’m on some Snoop Dogg type stuff where I can’t stop. Because I’m facing jail time, ladies and gentlemen, and…I ain’t stoppin’.” The counselor suggests he see a psychologist for Scrappy to get over his addiction. When he meets the psychologist, he points out the simple fact that Scrappy chooses smoking weed over his own daughter, and that kicks Scrappy in the ass. “The way he put it, I understand. I need to make some changes in my life.” Off to rehab he goes.

Lettin’ It Flow

Drew realized he was in the wrong regarding the way he treated Dashaun at Traci’s DJ gig, so he invites the couple to lunch. But then, like a total dad, he asks Dashaun what his intentions are with Traci. It makes sense that he’s concerned because they have little Drew to worry about, but it’s still a little condescending. UNTIL. Until Drew brings up Dashaun’s past.

Up till now, Dashaun has told Traci he’s got a “clean slate.”

“I’m A-1 good, homie,” he says. But he’s caught off-guard when Drew pulls out his mug shot. Traci’s caught off-guard too.

She has had this conversation with him in the past and he’s lied about it consistently (makes you wonder why she never Googled him herself, right?) but this will not stand. While she goes in on Dashaun and his lying, and how she can’t trust him, Drew’s reaction is the best.

“I’m just eating some tuna.”

And while he eats his tuna, Traci takes Dashaun outside to hear his side of the story and explain what the words “honesty” and “trust” mean and she decides they should go their separate ways. Not so A-1 good anymore, homie.

Drew admits that at first, his motivation was to win Traci back for himself, but now that he realizes that won’t happen, he actually feels bad about ruining her relationship, and he goes over to apologize. “I realized after this whole situation that I really f—ed this up.”

“Yeah, you did,” she agrees. Traci isn’t just going off of one little lie that Dashaun told, she’s been conditioned, by Drew, to be in relationships with liars, and she’s not having it anymore. “It’s a cycle, and I’m not going down that road again.”

She makes Drew acknowledge his past behavior, and he sais “I f—ed around while you were pregnant,” which brings tears to her eyes. But he then points out “You’re holding it against people in your relationships. I want to see you move on. Be happy.” Well that was actually…sweet. “She deserves and amazing man. It’s just, that amazing man is not me.”

Poppa J

Lest you think that Stevie J was born out of the air and dropped into Atlanta by way of magic, this week we meet Poppa J, his father. Poppa J is wise and wonderful, beloved by all, especially Joseline. The three of them have dinner together and Joseline tells him her desires to have business and babies and marriage with his son. Poppa is totally on board (Stevie…not so much) and tells Joseline that she should take Stevie to Vegas and get him drunk so he’ll get married. Joseline may not go the Vegas route but she does appreciate the idea of a little “push” to make it legal. What kind of push, though…?

Mimi has known Kirk for a long time. So now that she’s heard Rasheeda’s side of things, she has Kirk over to hear his side. After he goes in about how he doesn’t feel appreciated by Rasheeda, Mimi gives him the disapproving Mom look and asks “Do you think her not showing you attention is worth breaking up your marriage and your family?? Are you prepared to fix this or are you having just too much fun?” Kirk’s reaction is to smile and admit that he did have some fun.

Mimi can’t. “Why is it that a man will risk everything for a lousy two-dollar ho?”

“Are you going to be able to look your children in the face if you f— this up?” Mimi asks him. “What kind of example is this for your son??”

“I got you,” Kirk responds. He seems to maybe get it. But he still has that blank look we’ve come to know.

Ariane’s Bed

“I just really wanna be with a woman,” Ariane tells K.Michelle and Mimi, out of the blue while they’re hanging out. “Be with a woman where?” K asks.

“In my bed!” Ariane says.

“This isn’t anything new,” Ariane explains. “But I felt the need to tell K that I really wanna be with a woman!”

When K asks what kind of woman Ariane’s looking for, Ariane responds, “I like what the f— I like. Bitch, I ain’t about to jump all over your ass though.”

“Excuuuuse me, honey!” K says. “Don’t you fall in love with me!” K admits that she, too, likes girls. “Some days. On holidays,” she says.

Auntie Karlie

K.Michelle is getting along with Karlie at the moment, but Joseline is not. But Joseline and K.Michelle are now friends. I know, the whole deal with these people changes daily. But K invites Joseline to “Auntie” Karlie’s upcoming music showcase to show their support. “Is this gonna be on a Tuesday or Monday when I ain’t got s— to do?” Joseline asks. Joseline has taken over for K as the Number One Karlie Redd Insult Machine.

“F— the haters! Karlie Redd gonna do it big!” Karlie Redd says the night of her performance.

When Karlie sees that K brought Joseline, she gets in an insult or two of her own.

“I brought her because we all trying to grow as women,” K tells Karlie. And to her credit, Joseline wished Karlie well (to her face) before the performance. Durig the show, however, it was a different story.

“I’m sorry. I was tryna be nice but F— that bitch. YOU LOOK A MESS!”

When Karlie realizes Joseline has nothing nice to say, she asks the question, “Joseline, what have you done lately? Oh, you know what? I have seen Joseline’s performance. On porn.”

Making That Move
Joseline takes Poppa J’s advice about giving Stevie a kick in the pants, and she goes to a jewelry store to make some decisions and make that move.

Party’s Over
Rasheeda’s mom is over to hear the latest on her son-in-law’s exploits and tells her daughter, “Rasheeda! You know this is upsetting me, honey.” And there’s nothing worse than an upset mother-in-law.

As she’s walking out the door, she tells Rasheeda, “I wish I could see him!” because hell hath no fury like a southern woman who is pissed off, and look who approaches on his bike, but Mr. Pop-a-Wheelie himself.

“Well, look at that,” she says.

Kirk has arrived home, he says, “to be with my baby. Party’s over.” He greets the two women by saying “I’ve come to patch up my relationship.”

“I’ll help you patch it up,” Rasheeda’s mom says. And her way of helping is a doozie.

“Real talk? I am not mad at my mama right now,” says Rasheeda. And for the second week in a row, Kirk’s belongings are up in flames.