Hit The Floor: Ahsha Is Tired Of Worrying About People’s Feelings

After weeks of seeing Devil Girl Captain Jelena walk all over people on Hit The Floor, Ahsha has finally decided to go after what she wants–professionally speaking, of course. Putting herself in the running for the All-Star game is totally warranted, and apparently, what the public wants given their overwhelming response to the DG calendar shoot. But will the girl we’ve come to affectionately know as “Carebear” have second thoughts or start to feel bad for Jelena? Nah.

“It’s the start of things to come for Ahsha,” says creator James LaRosa. “We’re not quite at the moment of Dark Ahsha, but she’s sort of tip-toeing into the water of getting her way sometimes.” Find out more of what the cast thinks about last night’s episode by watching the video above.

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